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I’m a multidisciplinar graphic designer currently living and working in Lisbon.

I work with small design studios and large advertising agencies. This gives me the privilege to collaborate with different clients and projects as well as being surrounded by people from different creative areas that push me to stay at the forefront of the constantly-evolving creative industry.

I’m passionate about empowering clients to achieve their full potential by helping them create socially and economically relevant brands. 

I like to study the business behind the design challenge in a way to better understand the needs and deliver solutions tailored to my clients and generate brands that make a difference.

I love the ideia of using design to be a part of people's lives and with this create a positive impact in the world.

Master degreed in communication design by Fine Arts university of Lisbon.



2019 > 2022 · Brand Designer
FUEL Lisboa — Design & Advertising

Main Clients: Sonae, Continente, Worten, Well’s, GoNatural, CP, PizzaHut.

Lisbon, PT

2017 > 2019 · Brand Designer
NOSSA — Design & Advertising

Main Clients: KindaHome, Sana Hotels, Somersby, Carlsberg, Activobank, BetClic, Microsoft.

Lisbon, PT

2014 > 2018 · Creative Director & Partner
CINCO DesignStudio — Strategy & Brand Design
Main Clients: Arko Security, SonaeSierra, Barral, Barbot, EloFarma, Cigala.

Lisbon, PT

2016 · Creative Director
BCentral / Equador — Strategy, Branding & Retail
Client Sectors: Banks, Arts & Culture, Government, Financial

Portugal — Angola — Brasil

2012 > 2013 · Senior Designer
EDGE Architecture + Design
Client Sectors: Hotels, Banks, Luxury, Arts & Culture, Retail, Government, Telecomunication

London, UK

2010 > 2012 · Senior Designer
Brandia Central — Design & Advertising
Client Sectors: Hotels, Banks, Luxury, Arts & Culture, Retail, Energy, Government

Lisbon, PT

2007 > 2010 · Senior Designer

RMAC/BBDO Portugal

Client Sectors: Energy, Financial, Turism, Retail, Telecomunication, Fashion, Arts & Culture

Lisbon, PT

2006 · Senior Designer


Clients Sectors: Bank, Retail

Lisbon, PT

2006 · Senior Designer

37 Design

Clients Sectors: Telecomunication, Energy, Retail

Lisbon, PT

2002 > 2005 · Designer

Sta Fé Associates

Client Sectors: Turism, Retail, Telecomunication, Fashion, Hotels, Optics, Insurance

Lisbon, PT

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